Woman and business, myth or reality? AWARD "WOMAN IN BUSINESS" On December 13, a grand event took place in Novosibirsk - the annual "Woman in Business" award. Of course, Svetlana took part in this wonderful celebration of beauty and femininity! She claimed victory in five categories at once: 1)...

15 декабря 2018

Photo zone "Trend of the season"

Luxurious photozone.Every flower is made with love.Fully handmade.Such decoration will decorate and make your event unforgettable.Flowers are not afraid of rain and snow.

06 декабря 2018


Where to look for ideas for photo shoots?The most common question for any creative person. Personally, I like your likesAnd yet, where? Well, where to take it, this incomprehensible beast, codenamed "inspiration"?A universal answer, alas, no, each is inspired by different things. But you can...

05 декабря 2018


Where and how to search for a photographer?There are several search options:⠀The Internet. We drive in the search stream "photographer" your city "" and follow the links.acquaintances. We recall which acquaintances are connected with the sphere of photography, videography, event business, we...

05 декабря 2018
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