We begin today an important topic for promotion - photo shoots.⠀By the way, have you noticed that I constantly bring out my new flowers to click?⠀“So are photo shoots needed or are they?” - you are looking forward.“We need it!” - I will answer without delay.⠀Why, I...

05 декабря 2018


How to use artificial snow, written on the package, everything is simple. Another question: WHERE to apply it to make the house the most comfortable and beautiful? Here are some ways to help turn your home into a winter fairy tale:⠀Decorate windows and mirrors with inscriptions or drawings at...

03 декабря 2018

Artificial snow

Let's talk about the snow in cans.This format is very convenient - the decor is easy to apply and wash off. The main advantage is that the sprayed snow keeps perfectly on a vertical surface due to a special structure.⠀ordinary snow in a can - the most common option. The title has no additional...

03 декабря 2018

How to bring the Christmas mood?

Snow-covered spruce twigs, figurines of houses in snowdrifts, windows painted with hoar-frost will do an excellent job with this task. In general, you understand the basic idea - the presence of snow. Civilization gave us the opportunity to decorate with white fluffy hats not only courtyards,...

03 декабря 2018
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