Training takes place in our workshop - Novosibirsk City, Borisa Bogatkova Street, 228/1

We choose the date suitable for you and me.

Meeting at the appointed time.

Masterclass is 2 days long, for 6-8 hours each.

Step-by-step plan:

   The First Day

10am - 3pm: Acquaintance with different materials and suppliers.

You’ll learn a vast amount of useful information about existing materials on the market, their similarities and differences; you’ll understand which suppliers should be preferred, we’ll speak about all nuances of the life-sized flowers!

And also we’ll begin the preparation of flower petals for Peony Rose and start the assembling.

3pm - 4pm: Lunch time

4pm - 8pm: Continue flower manufacturing. We’ll discuss all the existing variants of stalks and pedestals, talk about possible ways of shipping your flowers to different cities and countries, which is very important if you want your hobby to become a profitable business.

   The Second Day

10am - 3pm: We begin with photozones, because photozone helps to form your reputation as a talented designer; it demonstrates your skills, taste and style.

We’ll discuss what kinds of photozones exist, their shapes, methods of creation and attaching and the types of installation: you’ll know how to make your piece of art glorify you as long as possible, without requiring any corrections.

The next step is the question of commerce of flower creation. We’ll talk about setting prices on your products: what is the price range and what is the real value of your life-sized flowers. You’ll learn how to speak to the customers: how and where to find potential clients, how to make estimates and which ways of sellings exist and how to successfully apply them speaking to the customer. And, of course, you’ll learn how to raise your income with flowers: you’ll receive a vast amount of advices and recommendation based on my four-year experience in the sale of life-sized flowers!

Don’t forget about flower creation: start preparing patterns of petals for Rose and Dahlia, I’ll tell you about all the details of manufacturing these magnificent flowers and then we begin the creation together!

3pm - 4pm: Lunch time

4pm - 8pm: Colors of flower and stalk. We’ll talk about all the possible ways of coloring, which materials and equipment is needed, and discuss pros and cons. Then we choose the most optimal variant.

Continue forming the petals for Rose and Dahlia and finish the flower assembling.


You will learn not just to work with materials, but studied all the processes of creation different flowers. You will know how to make them alive and where to find inspiration for new ideas and projects!

I will help you understand everything till the stamens and pestles!

In addition, you receive all the video courses:

  • Dahlia
  • Peony Rose
  • Rose
  • Stalk, leaves and blossom
  • Poppy
  • Gerbera
  • Aster
  • Two Peonies
  • Orchid

You’ll also get patterns and abstracts.

That’s why this masterclass is called FULL COURSE and WORKING WITH DIFFERENT MATERIALS.

All you create is yours, so don’t forget to take home all you produced.

Price: 450.00
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