A majority of florists believe Orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It charms by its grace, delicateness and magnificence. These flowers can nearly be any color and shade: lilac, green, purple, white, burgundy, orange. And just a few people know that Orchid belongs to one of the largest families which has about 750 genera and more than twenty thousand species.

Orchid has recently gained huge popularity among florists. It has become a desired decoration for weddings and beauty salons.

After completing our masterclass you will be able to create this incredibly gorgeous flower by your own. It can be any size: 2 metres tall or no more than 20 cm for the cachepot.

Orchids gently beautify any wedding salon or sweet home. Also you can order this these amazing magical flowers from us and will make the Orchids with a great pleasure just for you.

Video course: flower and stem, painting, pedestal.

Price: 100.00

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