Five ways to decorate your backyard with Big Flowers.

Big Flowers are a real trend in landscape design. These flowers have many advantages: they are bright and colorful, gorgeous by nature, they don’t lose their attractiveness and don’t need any special care (unlike the natural flowers).

How exactly can you use Big Flowers on the backyard and in the garden?

Arrange the color accents.

When there is not enough of a bright color, center or any “highlight”, which will catch an eye, the Poppy Flower is perfect! Really big scarlet flower which will never wither or crumble - isn’t that a miracle? By the way, Poppy may be not only red.

You can make a fantasy variant of this flower by making it blue or futuristic ultramarin. It depends on your preferences and stylistic solutions.

Create a photozone.

Today, people don’t have any events without photos, so you can arrange a composition of different flowers. Combine them with some elements of decoration (garden figures, picturesque stones, mini-fountains and ponds).

If you prefer minimalizm, you can choose one type of flower, for example, Peony shaped Rose. Then make sure that your background doesn’t have any unnecessary things. And your guests will be delighted with an opportunity to make such a great photo in a fairy tale style!

HIde the defects.

“This painting brings a huge profit, it hides the hole in the wall!” - said one of the main characters in an old popular cartoon. This phrase hides a great wisdom inside. Of course, all the flaws must be corrected, but if it’s very hard to fix, you can attract anyone’s attention on something gorgeous.

Change the style.

Any Wildflowers can give you a village charm. You can use huge Rosebay Willowherbs (Fireweeds), Daisies or any of that type flowers. They will add simplicity and sincerity. But if you want something more luxury, you can use Roses and never lose the bet.

You can add some oriental style by golden, orange or purple colors. Decide what quality of style do you want to increase and choose the proper flower.

Harmonize the space.

Sometimes elements of landscape design starts to argue with each other. After the finishing of your decoration you started to see an imperfect combination. Well, it happens. Perhaps, Water Lilies and Pansies will help to improve the arrangement.

Any flower can be modified: add spangles, lights, pot, bend the trunk or remove the leaves.

This will help you to reach the harmony.

As you can see, Big Flowers are quite functional and various. And the most important advantage of this decoration is that they don’t need any special care. You just need to wash them with any cleaning agent or wash with a water. At the end of the season you can easily disassemble your floral arrangement and put in a box.

Big Flowers also never lose their attractiveness as they never fade and never stop being gorgeous and magical.

Good luck to you in miraculous transformation of your backyard!

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