Greetings everyone! Have you studied to create life-sized rose? Not yet? Then read about the most popular masterclass we have!


*видео - мастер класс роза из изолона*


Video course BIG ROSES out of two different materials.

Roses made of ISOLON and Roses made of FOAMIRAN.


The skills you receive on our course can be used both in your professional career and general creative growth.


Information you get during our masterclass:

  • Assembling technique of composition of Roses
  • Materials and tools for the perfect start
  • Materials suppliers contacts
  • Learn how to find customers
  • All about the conditions of long-term storage
  • How to make a business out of your hobby


You will also get additional advices which will make your learning easier.

Svetlana keeps in touch with you and guide you throughout the course.

Lessons will be always available and consultation with the teacher is limitless.


After the completion of the course you receive a certificate!

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