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Good day, my dear! I want to tell you one little story about the creation and development of one already big business. My business.

My name is Svetlana Koptseva. Now I own a studio professionally engaged in the production of large flowers and decor, and a school in which girls from all over the world learn needlework, including growth floristics.

And 4 years ago, in the far distant 2014, everything was different. Then there was nothing but a great desire to engage in creative work and receive income from it. At that moment it seemed that this dream was from the category “to combine the incompatible”.

The story of my love for big flowers began in Thailand. I saw a video of a famous Thai craftswoman, in which she created a large rose made of paper. It was something completely new, unusual and charming. I fell in love instantly, the flowers fascinated me.

I began to search the Internet in search of other decorators who own this technique. I found videos shot in China, Thailand, anywhere, but not in Russia. We have heard about such needlework only a few.

As a result, we managed to find several companies engaged in growth floristics. I wanted to learn incredibly, I dreamed of flowers. I contacted one of the masters and offered barter: to her - a recruited group, to me - free training. He put up an unreal price tag of half a million for me at that time. Of course, cooperation did not work out.

Since there were no workshops, no webinars, or any information, everything was done at random and at random. Each stage became a discovery. What kind of glue to use, what kind of base under the flower, how to heat the foamiran and izolon, how strong, what degree of stretchability of the material, what kind of paint holds - the answers to these and a sea of other questions appeared only during practice.

Of course, there were many mistakes and many things did not work out. When I started working with the isolon, there was no understanding what the material was, what its properties were, and from which side to approach it.

I collected my first roses from izolona using scotch and fishing line. You imagine scotch and fishing line! And instead of pipes used pencils. I took it from my son and made a foundation for a bud, gluing together a few pencils so that an improvised trumpet would turn out.

Strangely enough, everything held out, customers were satisfied. And, nevertheless, it was not a professional product, created using a unique technology that can be put on stream, but a hand-made beginner. And I just wanted to be the first.

The dream is there, the goal is set. It was necessary only to work, to work a lot and hard.

It was not easy. Difficult periods, difficult decisions, and mistakes in communication with customers and employees occurred. There was only one thing: the desire to quit. Large flowers captured my soul and do not let go until now.

In the most difficult moments, I recalled that it prompted me to do what I do: I always wanted to create a product of the highest quality that would be in demand on the international market and always connected with what I love most of all - with creativity.
And immediately it became easier, the problems were transformed into tasks, the sun was beginning to warm more.

Now, after 4 years, I have my own production, a reliable team of 40 professionals, my own online school. And on top of the sea of experience, their own technology, the name and a bunch of plans for the future. The main goal has been achieved - a unique product that is in demand in the global decor market, has been created and is actively conquering foreign lands.

The time has come for new goals. The list is compiled, the priority order is set. There is a lot of work and new interesting tasks ahead.

Why do I need it? New goals are always development. Those who have set a goal at least once and achieved it understand how boring it is to live if you don’t dream and go to your dream anymore.

I really like the phrase from the book by the beautiful writer Lewis Carroll: “You need to run as fast just to stay in place, but to get somewhere, you must run at least twice as fast.” I'm going to run three times faster, and you?

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