Practical master class! 1-3 June 2019, MOSCOW

Immerse yourself with us in the world of flowers and decor completely.


This course is for those who have long wanted to learn how to make giant colors from foamiran and isolon. Who is looking for a new direction for themselves and for those who want to surprise their customers. The course program is suitable for both beginners and masters who are considering commercial activities in this direction.

1st -2nd day.
- We will work with polyfoam, glittern and plush foamiran.
- Create a BEE pattern for children's decor.

The most affordable and easy to install - foam decor. It is used both for decorating walls, and for making volumetric figures and letters with your own hands.

Let's start creating flowers: hydrangea, aster, peony and spike.

Phased assembly. Pay special attention to hydrangeas. AUTHOR'S TECHNIQUE.
I learn to work without templates.
Texture, various changes in shape, painting and toning.
The advantages and subtleties of working with materials. New technology work with them. What will add more realism and create the effect of "WOW"

Each participant in the master class will create three flowers with a diameter of 50 - 60 cm

All about the stems leaves and stands. Learn about the options for the design of photo zones, methods of fixing decor.

3rd day. Ultra-technological photozone. Team work on the design, the elements of which will rotate! The use of modern materials.

Materials are included in the cost of the master class, all that you do is to take with you! For each workshop we bring new flowers and decor so that you can see and see everything clearly.

Let's talk about sales.
Where to begin?
Where and how to find clients?
Where to get the materials?
How to promote your business?
Team. Work with the client.

After completing the course, all participants will receive:

-the certificate of passing the course;
-access to the closed chat;
-15 video lessons in other colors (not included in the program of a live master class)

We reserve for you a place in the group after the prepayment - 100$. The remaining amount at the meeting.

The cost of participation in the 2-day micron "Flowers and Decor" is 400$. Full course 550$.

Reservation: 100.00

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