2018 has become very eventful. So much has happened!
First, I can say that a significant part of my life I spent on the plane. There were 23 flights in Russia and Europe. Next year we will increase the indicator)

We have grown significantly in all areas. New needlework courses and excellent professional teachers supervised by our school have appeared. I highly recommend to spend the New Year holidays with benefit and try out all our courses

For the year we have trained 5837 girls. Found a favorite hobby, and many have turned it into a business and are now absolutely happy.

In October, a great event took place: a live master class on growth flowers was held in Spain. Conquer Europe)

This year was rich in discoveries. In every sense :) We opened branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Spain and Italy! Good geography, do you think?) Now our flowers delight guests and European events.

Our workshop did not lag behind and actively worked on new projects. In our studio 39 absolutely new and unique colors have blossomed! They decorated the holidays of our city and became the subject of study at master classes. You too can learn to create beauty and decorate your house with it)

I always tell you to declare yourself, scream in full force of voice. This year, we were not silent either. About our studio, a video was filmed for a news release on Russia’s television channel, and we also discussed the current market situation on Matryoshka Radio in London.

Now an online store is actively developing, in which you can purchase everything you need to create your flower: Foamiran, isolon, coasters, hair dryers and other tools. The range will be constantly expanding, stay tuned!

Plans for 2019 an incredible amount. Yes, we have already done a lot, but not stop at what has been accomplished. What awaits us all in the new year, you will learn later, while it is a secret. I can only say one thing: 2019 will be breakthrough and very interesting, I guarantee)
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