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Video master class ROSES from different materials

  • By purchasing the course, you get:
    access to the personal account on our website;
    video material;
    teacher consultation you will learn how to create the most beautiful giant roses from isolon, foam eva
The master class "video master class ROSES" includes:
- overview detailed video + cheat sheets ( jpg) about the materials to work when creating a flower;
- - 2 video tutorials on creating a flower "Glass rose" and " Textured rose";
- stand and 2 video lessons on creating a stem (2 ways);
- - video tutorial on creating a closed Bud;
- video tutorial roses for photo zone of paper and backgrounds;
- mount and frame for photo zone ( in jpg format);
- attached templates (prepared for printing).
The total duration of all lessons is 7 hours.
Level of training-any.
After completing the work you will receive a personal certificate from the school of Svetlana Koptseva.
If you have any questions please contact us,
just click on this phone number
WhatsApp +7-923-188-46-63
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